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224 J St SE
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509.787.1595
Fax: 509.787.2583

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Students in a Pioneer Kinder Class

Principal: Alesha Porter

Admin Assistant:
Ana Espinoza
Parent Liaison:
Lisset Tamayo
Attendance Secretary:
Zoila Castillo
Gus Winter
School Hours:
Monday: 10:15am-3pm
Tuesday-Friday: 8:15am-3pm
Pioneer Elementary's Mission:  Pioneer  Elementary is committed to developing responsible learners and implementing high academic standards through the excellence of teaching and learning. This commitment is shared by the school, the family, and the community.
Pioneer Elementary's Vision:  Inspiring students to be goal oriented, life-long learners.


Pioneer Elementary school serves Kinder through third grade students in the city of Quincy and the surrounding area. Quincy is an agriculturally based community, where a significant percentage of the population participates in agriculture related occupations, such as farm owner, employee of a local food processing plant, or seasonal farm laborer.
To understand our School Improvement Goals (reading, math, and language acquisition) is to understand our community and its unique needs. Quincy, like many small towns, is very limited in its availability to resources. Although there is a small library and a hospital in Quincy, many services must be obtained in the larger nearby communities of Moses Lake and Wenatchee.
79 percent of our students in our district are children of poverty; 88.3  percent of our students are children of poverty at Pioneer elementary. Our student demographics offer us cultural diversity; however, language issues in classes that are heavily vocabulary dependent (such as math and reading) are causing additional challenges for both students and staff. The Pioneer students’ demographics are: Hispanic, 80.9 percent; Black .6 percent, Asian .3%, Native American,0 percent; and Caucasian, 18.3  percent.
The building itself is in excellent working condition and well maintained by our custodian Tammee Harris.  Pioneer Elementary consists of twenty-two classrooms, one portable classroom, a gym/cafeteria, computer lab, and library.